Thursday, February 10, 2011

3rd in IWA Wave Event

Had a fantastic weekend in Coolmaine in Cork. Me and Tim headed down on Friday morning and had wind from then on. Started off on the 4.8 and then went down to a 4.0 , spent saturday doing the expression sessions on it. Had a lot of fun with some K4 12cm quad back fins in my board, made it super loose but grippy went I wanted it to be. Was trying a lot of backloops and pushloops, and have finally figured them out! Didnt land any but got quite close to. Landed some nice stalled forwards aswell!

Then the proper competition started on Sunday. I was pretty relaxed and my goal was to try get through a few heats. I came third in my first which wasnt enought to go through, so went into the reprecharge. Got through that and things started to just click with me, with my waveriding taking me through the heats to the final!

The final was unlucky as the wind decided to die down slightly, i got a nice forward on my first run, and a nice wave with some backside with frontside hits, until the wind died and most of us were left slogging.

It was great to be up there with Oisin, Jeff and Mark and I was luckily enough to grab the 3rd place! Couldnt stop smiling.

Thanks Pearse for organising a great event and it was great to see so many on the water.

Off to Fuerteventura next Tuesday for some warm wind and waves!