Monday, February 28, 2011

1 Week in Fuerte

Had a great week in Fuerteventura last week.. Was really cool to see all the pro's I look up most days on the internet aswell. there was always swell so it was just a matter of choosing where the wind would be best. Got a good various amount of conditions in,bit higher than head high in entubadera on the first day, then head high in flag, a day at a secret spot, a reef near where I was staying ( nobody was out there ever so don't know if its got a name) and a day of jumping in Punta Blanca with Steve Gibson and crew.

It was great to have a few Irish guys there (Colin, Paul and Mikey) so we could see who was going where and had a few familiar faces about.

This was the day at the reef, pretty big at times

bit of a jump in Punta

light winds and strong rip made it impossible to get out at the secret location;)

Not mentioning my dodgy backloop, there was a good lot of mast high white water out the back. Got nailed a few times because there was a strong rip in the middle!

The board was perfect size for all the conditions, 69 KT Quattro Quad. Great for onshore to offshore for light people.

on the smaller inside reef break near the BahiaAzul where I was staying.

Bottom turn at Punta

Top turn at Punta

hitting the whitewater

Love the Neilpryde Fly2. Great for lightness with power on switch.

Should have more pictures on my Facebook (Ryan O'Leary), they are all quite slow to upload to
the blog.

Also had a great day up in Magheroarty, more pictures to come!

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  1. Nice blog, Ryan, got a touch of Van Gelderen about it, I suspect (mine too!). Great to meet you even for that short while- keep rippin and come back soon! Gibson.