Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2 More Days..

Can't wait for 2 weeks of this...

Heading out on Thursday and forecast is looking great will keep everybody updated!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

K4 Fins

Thanks Steve:)

Will be using 15cm Twins, 14, 13, 12 cm rears and 6 and 8 quad fins. Plenty of variety.

So far, there sweet.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Two days after i came back from Fuerte I scored a great day in Magheroarty.
4.0 Combat with 12cm K4 rears in my Quad. Epic...

Monday, February 28, 2011

1 Week in Fuerte

Had a great week in Fuerteventura last week.. Was really cool to see all the pro's I look up most days on the internet aswell. there was always swell so it was just a matter of choosing where the wind would be best. Got a good various amount of conditions in,bit higher than head high in entubadera on the first day, then head high in flag, a day at a secret spot, a reef near where I was staying ( nobody was out there ever so don't know if its got a name) and a day of jumping in Punta Blanca with Steve Gibson and crew.

It was great to have a few Irish guys there (Colin, Paul and Mikey) so we could see who was going where and had a few familiar faces about.

This was the day at the reef, pretty big at times

bit of a jump in Punta

light winds and strong rip made it impossible to get out at the secret location;)

Not mentioning my dodgy backloop, there was a good lot of mast high white water out the back. Got nailed a few times because there was a strong rip in the middle!

The board was perfect size for all the conditions, 69 KT Quattro Quad. Great for onshore to offshore for light people.

on the smaller inside reef break near the BahiaAzul where I was staying.

Bottom turn at Punta

Top turn at Punta

hitting the whitewater

Love the Neilpryde Fly2. Great for lightness with power on switch.

Should have more pictures on my Facebook (Ryan O'Leary), they are all quite slow to upload to
the blog.

Also had a great day up in Magheroarty, more pictures to come!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

3rd in IWA Wave Event

Had a fantastic weekend in Coolmaine in Cork. Me and Tim headed down on Friday morning and had wind from then on. Started off on the 4.8 and then went down to a 4.0 , spent saturday doing the expression sessions on it. Had a lot of fun with some K4 12cm quad back fins in my board, made it super loose but grippy went I wanted it to be. Was trying a lot of backloops and pushloops, and have finally figured them out! Didnt land any but got quite close to. Landed some nice stalled forwards aswell!

Then the proper competition started on Sunday. I was pretty relaxed and my goal was to try get through a few heats. I came third in my first which wasnt enought to go through, so went into the reprecharge. Got through that and things started to just click with me, with my waveriding taking me through the heats to the final!

The final was unlucky as the wind decided to die down slightly, i got a nice forward on my first run, and a nice wave with some backside with frontside hits, until the wind died and most of us were left slogging.

It was great to be up there with Oisin, Jeff and Mark and I was luckily enough to grab the 3rd place! Couldnt stop smiling.

Thanks Pearse for organising a great event and it was great to see so many on the water.

Off to Fuerteventura next Tuesday for some warm wind and waves!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Windy Dollymount

Yesterday was a great day, cross shore winds enough for a 3.3 sail! It was quite gusty but there were some biggish waves out the back and got a few nice rides. My Quatro Quad KT works so well when you can ride waves in good conditions. Sailed from 12 O'clock until dark!

Today was also a great day in Dollymount with some nice waves and cross off shore winds. was out on my own for the day, on my 4,8 and 75 twin.

When the waves are smaller I like the twin fin because its more slashy, but when you need drive in big waves the quad works perfectly.

Some GoPro pics of today:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Had an ok freestyle session at Dollymount, was a bit chilly and hoped for some waves but still had fun.

Wish everyone lots of wind and waves for the New Year!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New TheFly2

I got my new Fly 4.8 last tuesday:)

Was out on it in pretty windy conditions in low lock with some nice waves, there was a nice section off the rocks where it was real flat so you could really lock the power down when bottom turning. There was a good few out and we stayed out until the moon was lighting the waves.
Had a nice freestyle session at The Burrow on sunday despite the average forecast, Lewis was on his 6.3 and freestyle and I was on my 75 twin and 4.8 again. Turns out I can easily get away with this size gear in around 15 knots:) It was pretty damn cold, but this weekend looks like it will be colder but windier.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Blog

Here are some pictures of the last few weeks to kick off the new blog!

This was in Portugal-Tonel Beach, on a 4.5 Fly and Rythm 75 Twin. Its really nice there!

Rush Beach was working well this week, with port tack winds. Was overpowered on the 4.5, but tried some pushloops! The KT Quad is such a great board, fast and accelerates with every bottom turn.

Rush Again.

This was at The Burrow Beach, again 4.5 and Rythm 75.

Last weekend I was up in Belmullet with Oisin, was probably the best weekend of my life so far!